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Here's help for GCSE students PDF Print E-mail

Here's some good advice and helpful hints for English language and literature for the GCSEs that I have found on the net.

I'm furthering my English Literature study with Open University and know it as a brilliant subject. However, the study is not purely pleasure. There are some strange terms to know, and not just know but recognise. Some of these PDFs will help you over that little hurdle.

The advice is put together by quite a number of English teachers, hard-working, good-intentioned people, who want their students to succeed. They offered their advice on the web anonymously, so sadly we can't thank them individually. However, I'm sure we all would like to say Thank you!, whoever you are.

Happy reading! Successful studying!

The advice as PDFs:
AQA English language
AQA Eng Lit
Great poetry glossary
A revision quiz
A grid for analysing poetry
Framing the composition essay
Great Eng Lit websites
Good ideas for Paper 2
Know these ways of writing
Essential points about poems
Goals for students
Key phrases
Know these key features

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