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Welcome to the eBook treasure trove where my growing library of eBooks is offered gratis. These are second hand. I bought them, and have either read or am reading them, and now I'm sharing them. So not new, but unlike books built from trees, ebooks tend to look fresh and, well, virgin-like, forever. »»

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Another 21 MacLean titles banned!

Grim news for Alistair MacLean fans! American DCMA sheriffs in a Christmas day message to eBookTrove-dot-com declare, 'I hereby demand that you act expeditiously to remove or disable access to (the 21 MacLean titles).'

MacLean novels get the chop

The Americans chop more books out of eBookTrove's extensive free library. Today, they insist - demand - that two of Alistair MacLean's stories be no longer available for our ereaders.

The blaming and shaming of a good girl

After reading Tess of the D’Urbervilles I feel like a changed person. I never knew that a book could affect me so much. The novel tells the story of Tess, a beautiful and loyal young woman who I couldn’t help falling in love with.

Farewell to a friend

eBookTrove says farewell to a great sailor, a wonderful fellow, a keen reader, bon vivant, and the best of friends. Jack Huke, the gentle giant, keen sailor, enthusiastic human, excellent precision engineer, left our planet this month.

Go on, admit it! You've never read this brilliant Christmas novel

Announce to your people in the office, or at school, or in the shop, 'Christmas! Don't talk to be about Christmas. I've had it up to here with Christmas!' What can you guarantee that each of them will say? 'Scrooge!' loud and clear. Everybody knows the main character of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. But how many have read the excellent novel?

Holiday reading: a teenager chooses

Teenage eReader Katelin Dolton took 12 books on her Spanish holiday. Some were big books, but there was no extra baggage to pay, and no porter was necessary to hump the books from plane to airport, nor onto the transit bus to her holiday accommodation. How did she do it? The magic of ebooks, of course!

A Forsyth e-saga

Ebook enthusiast Thomas Dohling emailed while trying to find the eBook of Frederick Forsyth's short story, The Shepherd.

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