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Holiday reading: The Stranger by Camus ... and more

The Stranger, Camus's first novel, is both a brilliantly crafted story and an illustration of Camus's absurdist world view.

Some Alistair Maclean excitement - as was ...

Here's a selection of pulse-setters, from Force Ten From Naverone to Floodgate, to please the most demanding of Alistair Maclean fans.

Poor eHarry loses out to the law

One of the amazing things about the lovely J K Rowling's creations, you don't just see young people reading and enjoying them. All ages seem to enjoy the stories.

Software: spoilt for choice

In the true spirit of the internet, eReaders are well looked after with two exceptional programs - and both are Open Source, free of charge.

Classics: The magic writing of a woman called George

If it's classics you want, you've come to the right place. All the good books for study - at high school and university - are here, plus a great many more.

A is for prolific Asimov

A is for prolific Asimov and his extensive collection here is enough to provide for a very long holiday of happy reading.

J D Robb: Dead popular

Let the writer tell it in her own words ... Yes, for those who don't know, J D Robb is a she, real name ( as far as we know) Nora Roberts.

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