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First download a free program that will turn all these books into a format that is perfect for your eReader. You might choose Calibre, an Open Source (free) program.

Add your eBook to it, and then load the book onto your reader. Calibre will recognise the devise and load the book in the correct format. It's automatic. This is the way the mobi works, too. You'll find a very neat eReader included for your netbook, laptop, tablet, and computer, included.

The software here seems really good. It pays to read through the manuals to learn of the many tricks available. However, if you have an aversion to deciphering manuals, the basics are quite intuitive.

If you have a Kindle, you might prefer Mobipocket Reader. Experiment seems to be the way to find which is best for you.

When you have read the book, or books, please come again and borrow some more.

Very pleased to publish your remarks about any of these books. Just email me with your comments, and I will get them onto the site asap.

Happy reading.

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