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Some Alistair Maclean excitement - as was ... PDF Print E-mail

Here's a selection of pulse-setters, from Force Ten From Naverone to Floodgate, to please the most demanding of Alistair Maclean fans.

That should read in the past tense, I'm afraid. The US's very silly law of DCMA has knocked this selection for six. I'm very sorry, eReaders. I bought the books. I feel I should be able to give them to whoever I like. The US lawmakers don't think so.

I buy a hard copy book, which a publisher has paid to have printed, and the law is happy for me to give it to anyone I wish to. Even, as we know, people sell them quite legitimately, too.

But if I buy an electronic version, I cannot pass on a copy, even though the publisher nor anyone has touched the electronic copy. In fact, of course, it doesn't exist, except as bits of electricity.

People 'taste' books via an electronic copy. Then, if we like it, we buy a 'real' copy for our bookshelves. This concept is rather hard for the governors across the pond to grasp.

So apologies, visitors. I've had to disable them. But if you are a student of the weird law and would like one of these books, get in touch, and I'll happily answer your request.

Athabasca- Sorry, DCMA'd

Bear Island- Sorry, DCMA'd

Black Shrike- Sorry, DCMA'd

Fear Is The Key- Sorry, DCMA'd

Floodgate- Sorry, DCMA'd

Force Ten From Naverone- Sorry, DCMA'd

Golden Gate- Sorry, DCMA'd

Golden Rendezvous- Sorry, DCMA'd

Guns Of Navarone- Sorry, DCMA'd

HMS Ulysses- Sorry, DCMA'd

Ice Station Zebra- Sorry, DCMA'd

Last Frontier

Night Without End- Sorry, DCMA'd

Partisans- Sorry, DCMA'd

Puppet On A Chain- Sorry, DCMA'd

River Of Death- Sorry, DCMA'd

San Andreas- Sorry, DCMA'd

Santorini- Sorry, DCMA'd

Satan Bu- Sorry, DCMA'd

Seawitch- Sorry, DCMA'd

South By Java Head- Sorry, DCMA'd

Time Of The Assassins- Sorry, DCMA'd

Way To Dusty Death- Sorry, DCMA'd

When Eight Bells Toll- Sorry, DCMA'd

Where Eagles Dare- Sorry, DCMA'd

Weather in London