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In the true spirit of the internet, eReaders are well looked after with two exceptional programs - and both are Open Source, free of charge.

We eBook readers are well looked after with two exceptional programs. They are both Open Source. Deciding which you like best will be a challenge.

There's Mobipocket Reader Desktop and Calibre. I suspect you will have a challenge deciding which you like best.

I'm more familiar with Calibre where I upload electric texts in - just about - any format into Calibre's library.

Then I connect up my Sony or Kindle, 'download to device', and Calibre converts the format to the taste of the device.

With either - or both - programs installed, you can keep all your electronic texts in the one place, where, if you want to, you can read them, too.

By electronic texts, I mean all your eBooks, eNews, and your self-published eDocs, and the PDF tutorials and explanations that seem to be more and more a part of our lives.

From your chosen program, Calibre or Mobipocket Reader, you can supply your Sony or Kindle, your smartphone, PDA, laptop, or tablet.

Mobipocket eBook Reader publicity claims to recognise your handheld devices and makes the deliver of your books '1-click simple'.

'Thanks to the latest USB 2.0 technology,' Mobipocket explains, 'it takes less than eight seconds to transfer a typical eBook.

'The eBook Reader also automatically detects removable cards on your mobile device and chooses for you the best location to send your eBook to. What's more, your eNews and all your Annotations are synchronised at the same time. You will never lose your notes again.'

There's a good - and free way - to read texts formatted in the '.lit' manner. Microsoft offers their Microsoft Reader for Desktop and Laptop PC for free here.

The software:
Calibre zipped
eBook Library Installer

Or download from the manufacturers:
Microsoft Reader for Desktop and Laptop

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