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Psychology: George Boeree's complete history PDF Print E-mail

I've started a course in psychology with the good Dr Chris Gore at Kingston and nine other people keen to know more about what makes humans tick - or perhaps ought to have them ticking.

As it stands right now, psychology is fragmented, with a particularly large divide between humanistic applied psychology and a highly reductionist biological psychology. What is needed is a unifying theory, one that avoids the easy extremes.
- George Boeree, The History of Psychology

Some very interesting ideas are emerging, and the web provides some great resources that I suspect many others might like to taste.

The plan is to add to the ebook files.

First up is a what looks a really interesting version of The History of Psychology. The author is Dr C George Boeree, of the Shippensburg University, across the Pond.

Many thanks on behalf of the ebook-reading community worldwide to Dr Boeree for making his book available as open source.

Aristotle enters left

And here are three important documents from Aristotle but printed rather a long time after he went to his maker, in 322 BC.

Where does Aristotle fit into the psychology picture? Of course, he's the famous philosopher and philosophy is very closely connected to psychology.

Aristotle was a clever visionary, but I somehow doubt that he had any idea that Wikipedia would say this about him, 2,034 years after his death, 'Together with Plato and Socrates (Plato's teacher), Aristotle is one of the most important founding figures in Western philosophy.

'Aristotle's writings were the first to create a comprehensive system of Western philosophy, encompassing morality and aesthetics, logic and science, politics and metaphysics.'

His De Anima is of great interest to psychologists. Unfortunately, the version here is not very clear. I will try to find a better reproduction.

These three ebooks are in the Kindle format. But with the software on the site here - or at Calibre direct - you can change them to whatever format your own ebook uses. Of course, they are perfectly readable on your computer, too.

Aristotle's best-sellers:
Aristotle's Poetics
A Treatise on Government
De Anima

Dr Boeree's History of Psychology has been PDF'd by Diana Wieser. It comes in four parts, the contents of which are -

Part One: The Ancients

Psyche and Eros
The Presocratics
The Alphabet
Two Poems by Sappho
Timeline: From 600 BC to 200 BC
Map: Ancient Mediterranean
Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
Plato Selection: Allegory of the Cave
Logical Fallacies
Kiss Hank's Ass, by Rev. Jim Huber (off-site)
Epicureans and Stoics
A Letter from Epicurus
Selections from Epictetus
Timeline: From 1 AD to 400 AD
Map: Roman Empire 116 AD
The Roman Empire
A Brief History of Judaism
Early Christian Heresies
Sunnis and Shiites
Early History of China and India

Part Two: The Rebirth

The Middle Ages

A Letter from Heloise to Abelard
Timeline: From 1000 to 1400
Map: Europe 1278
The Beginnings of Modern Philosophy
A Letter from Galileo Galilei
René Descartes Selection: Meditations
Quotations from John Comenius
Timeline: From 1400 to 1800
Map: Europe 1700
The Enlightenment
August Comte's Calendar
Benedict Spinoza's Emotions
David Hume and Immanuel Kant
The Rights of Man
The Rights of Woman
Overlapping Moralities

Part Three: The 1800s

Timeline: The 1800s
Map: Europe 1815
Early Medicine and Physiology
The Hippocratic Oath
Phrenology Diagram
A Brief History of Psychopharmacology
Charles Darwin and Evolution
Charles Darwin Selection: Descent of Man
John, Mary, and the Komodo Dragon
The Romantic Philosophers
The Quotable Friedrich Nietzsche
Thus SpokeZarathustra - A Selection
The Beginnings of Psychology
Sir Francis Galton Selection: Hereditary Talent....
The History of Statistics
Wilhelm Wundt and William James
William James Selection: Consciousness
Free will

Part Four: The 1900s

Timeline: The 1900s
Map: Europe 1914
Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis
Sigmund Freud Selection: The Unconscious Behaviorism
B. F. Skinner Selection
Walt Whitman There was a Child...
Gestalt Psychology
Kurt Köhler Selection: Gestalt Psychology Today
Carl Rogers Selection: The Organization of Personality
Phenomenological Existentialism
James Joyce Selection: A Portrait...
Romance: A Partial Analysis
Modern Medicine and Physiology
A Brief History of the Lobotomy
The Cognitive Movement
A Computer Timeline
AI Gone Awry, by Peter Kassan (off-site)
Conclusions: Psychology Today and Tomorrow

The books are here, and all in PDF format. Regulars to eBookTrove-dot-com know that the open source programs for converting PDF ebooks to the format of their eReader are here. I use Calibre myself and the latest version is on their website, here. Calibre, like the ebooks, is open source - free. And it is dead easy to use.

The History of Psychology Part 1
The History of Psychology Part 2
The History of Psychology Part 3
The History of Psychology Part 4

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