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On your bike: Great cycling stories PDF Print E-mail

One of my passions is cycling, and I really enjoy zooming around the metropolis. But where are the most attractive places to go on two wheels?

My machine is an elderly Peugeot racing bike, a really excellent flyer, fast passport to pleasure.

City cyclist ... Andreas Kambanis, author of some excellent cycling routes around the metropolis.

It's one fault is the very thinness of its racing tyres. On sealed roads I can imagine I'm emulating the wind. But the slow side is that the wheels stop me from enjoying some of the best cycling routes in London - on either side of the historic Thames.

Lonely cycling lane ... Christopher Smith cycles from UK to China.

You can't get your navigation wrong by the famous river. Keep the Thames to your left or right, and you won't be lost.

However, not all of the tow path is sealed and if it isn't firm, then slim tyres sink in more than slide over.

London is vast, of course. Where in the huge area that the city covers is it best to cycle - where are the best sights, and where are the really worrying dangers for vulnerable cyclists?

Another cycling-mad fellow here, Andreas Kambanis, has produced a number of articles about cycling routes in and around the capital - and they are very good. I've bought them.

I did offer them here for other ebook fans, but Andreas has been in touch, concerned about the obvious thing that bothers authors - though in my experience of DCMA-ing from the US, it seems to bother publishers more.

To Andreas's credit, he hasn't jumped up and down and demanded that eBookTrove's readers are denied his good guides. Instead, he has offered seven good articles for ereaders. And many thanks to Andreas for that.

There's another article Cycling to China here that I found on the web by a Brit who cycled to China! He's intrepid Christopher J A Smith and his adventure site is here.

Cycling routes:
02 Tower Bridge to Greenwich Park.pdf
07 Quirky London.pdf
08 Wandle Trail.pdf
13 Boris Bike Tour de Hyde Park.pdf
14 Discovering Hampstead Heath.pdf
16 Thames Path to Richmond Park.pdf
28 Surrey Hills Road Loop.pdf

Christopher Smith's sample chapter:

Weather in London