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Coding tutorials ... and bang up-to-date! PDF Print E-mail

Here's a little secret. Because I do all the web development myself, I don't have to include all the strings attached, and conditions, and stamping of the url on each page, and other the strange little ways of a number other ebooks sites.

As I do it all myself, my costs are very low and I can pursue this hobby of sharing ebooks without needing to make any charges, or restrictions.

I really like to keep up to scratch with coding ... there must be lots who feel similarly, too, and many who would like to learn simple languages,like PHP and MySQL and XML and Flash's ActionScript.

Yes, I do welcome occasional donations to offset the price of server space and keeping programs up-to-date.

But that's all there is in the way of any incoming funds.

Keeping up to scratch with coding means I regularly buy the books.

There must be many people on the web who would like to brush up their coding, too, and many who'd like to learn simple languages, like PHP and MySQL and XML and Flash's ActionScript.

I would like to get into Javascript but so far, while collecting the books all ready for the learning process, I have still to get around to it.

Still, there's no reason why you should wait. So do, please, enjoy these tutorials, many of which are really clever and useful, often well-written and very much up-to-date.

Some of these ebooks are from Sitepoint and there is certainly no wish to do them out of royalties. I have bought these, as I have paid for many things from the company. The hope is more that if you like the Sitepoint tutorials, you'll want to buy from them, too. Sitepoint is here »»

eBooks are bought but I'm banned

eBookTrove dot com is a library of eBooks. Just like a library, these books have been bought, and just like a library, they are on loan to you. Unlike a library, there are no fines if you don't bring them back on time.

I'd like to emphasise the point about this site being a library as the generosity has angered a web developer who managed to get me banned from a favourite forum.

All these books have been bought - I bought them - and just like in a public library, they are available on loan, albeit extended loan. But think of each as a 'taster' as library books are. If you like any of Sitepoint's or the others, I hope you'll go to the publishers to buy your very own copy.

Coding tutorials in PDF format:
CSS Reference.pdf
Flash Anthology.pdf
HTML emailing.pdf
Javascript design.pdf
MySql tutorial excerpt.pdf
MySql tutorial.pdf
PHP Anthology.pdf
PHP Pro.pdf
XML coding.pdf

Coding tutorials in epub format for Sony ereaders:
Flash Anthology.epub
HTML emailing.epub
Javascript design.epub
PHP Anthology.epub
PHP Pro.epub
XML coding.epub

Coding tutorials in mobi format for Kindles:

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