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Here's help for GCSE students

Here's some good advice and helpful hints for English language and literature for the GCSEs that I have found on the net.

Historic tales to take your breathe away

Every so often we readers come face to face with an incontrovertible truth: Holidays aren't long enough for people who care to read. Look at some of the titles in this history category and I think you must agree.

JK's magic is not for free - and the website is shut down

I imagined that the writers who would object most to free ebooks would be those keeping warm with a candle in a garret somewhere, typing away with Windows 3.1 and a laptop circa 1990.

Best reading with 1,500 books

One of those great treats as a child was discovering at a fair the wonders of a Bran Tub. The bran tub was, in fact, a 44-gallon drum filled with sawdust and presents.

Thirty more books are banned

On a winter-dreary morning when the talk in London centred on giving and receiving Christmas presents, an email arrived from across the pond telling me to spoil the fun for our daily droves of visitors to eBookTrove-dot-com. Yes, more books are to be banned under the DCMA nonsense. Sorry.

More ebooks hit by that crazy DCMA law
Very sorry, ebooktrove library borrowers, but my library of J K Rowling has suffered the chop from the new DCMA rules. It's astonishing, and a lesson in contemporary life, that lots of the few who have it all, in a manner of speaking, would deny the crumbs to the many.

Shakespeare - the plays and tutorials

There's a lot of Shakespeare on eBookTrove, and no apologies for that because he is our greatest writer - from an English point of view and from a world literature view.

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