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A is for prolific Asimov PDF Print E-mail

A is for prolific Asimov and his extensive collection here is enough to provide for a very long holiday of happy reading.

The stories are available here second-hand, and therefore free. Happy reading, sci-fi fans.

Sadly, some of these files have been marked by the shop where I bought them. Apologies for the commercial touch in it. I hope this won't upset the pleasure of the read.

Wikipedia reports,'C-Chute is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov. It was first published in the October 1951 issue of Galaxy Magazine and later appeared in Asimov's collections Nightfall and Other Stories (1969) and The Best of Isaac Asimov (1973).

'One of the few Asimov stories that feature aliens, the story deals with a group of people imprisoned by an alien race when their spaceship is captured. The emphasis of the story is on the interactions and group psychology of the prisoners, all of whom have differing backgrounds and motivations.

'An argument between Asimov and the editor Horace L. Gold over this story was the inspiration for Asimov's story The Monkey's Finger.'

These great tales are in a PDF format and that makes them simple to download. So download them - for free - and import them into Calibre, or your favourite eBook format converter,which will make them suitable for whatever eReader you use. If you read from your computer, laptop or tablet, then you just download your desired PDF and can begin reading right away.

2nd Foundation 02 - Foundation and Chaos
nd Foundation 01 - Foundation's Fear
2nd Foundation 03 - Foundation's Triumph
The Positronic Man
The Queen of Zamba
The Norby Chronicles
The Backward Look
Black Widowers 01 - Tales of the Black Widow
Black Widowers 02 - Bouquets of the Black Wi
Breeds There a Man
Buy Jupiter and Other Stories
Cleon the Emperor
Complete Stories Vol 1
Dead Hand
Dreaming Is A Private Thing
Earth Is Room Enough
Eyes Do More Than See
Fantastic Voyage I
Fantastic Voyage II - Destination Brain
Feeling of Power.pdf
Foundation 00 - Prelude to Foundation
Second Foundation
Foundation's Edge
Foundation 6 - Foundation and Earth
Foundation X - Forward the Foundation
Gold 01 - Cal
Gold 02 - Left To Right
Gold 03 - Frustration
Gold 04 - Hallucination
Gold 05 - The Instability
I, Robot
Lucky Starr 01 - David Starr, Space Ranger
Lucky Starr 02 - and the Pirates of the Aste
Lucky Starr 03 - and the Big Sun of Mercury
Lucky Starr 04 - and the Oceans Of Venus
Lucky Starr 05 - and the Moons of Jupiter
Lucky Starr 06 - and the Rings of Saturn
Magical Wishes
Magical Worlds of Fantasy - Faeries
My Son the Physicist
Mythical Beasties
Nightfall Two
Nine Tomorrows
Of Time and Space and Other Things
On the Marching Morons
Opus 200
Out of the Everywhere
Robot Dreams
Mirror Image
Robot 05 - The Rest of the Robots
Robot 06 - Robots & Empire
Robot 07 - The Stars Like Dust
Robot 08 - Pebble In The Sky
ARobot 1 - The Caves of Steel
Robot 2 - The Naked Sun
Robot 3 - The Robots of Dawn
Robot City 1 - Odyssey
Robot City 2 - Suspicion
Robot City 3 - Cyborg
Robot City 4 - Prodigy
Robot City 5 - Refuge
Robot City 6 - Perihelion
Robot Mystery - Mirage
Robot Visions
Robots and Aliens 1 - Changeling
Robots and Aliens 2 - Renegade
Robots and Aliens 3 - Intruder
Robots and Aliens 4 - Alliance
Robots and Aliens 5 - Maverick
Robots and Aliens 6 - Humanity
Robots in Time 1 - Predator
Robots in Time 2 - Marauder
Robots in Time 3 - Warrior
Robots in Time 4 - Dictator
Robots in Time 5 - Emperor
Robots in Time 6 - Invader
Sucker Bait
The Best of Isaac Asimov
The Bicentennial Man
The Brazen Locked Room
The Complete Robot
The Dead Past
The End of Eternity
The Final Science Fiction Collection
The Gods Themselves
The Human Brain.
The Martian Way
The Ugly Little Boy
Trantorian Empire 01 - Pebble in the Sky
Trantorian Empire 02 - The Stars Like Dust
Trantorian Empire 03 - The Currents of Space
Aurora in Four Voices

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