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Christie: An avalanche of bestsellers PDF Print E-mail

Another Agatha Christie fan mourns the loss of her titles on the site. Ugochukwu K. Ani tells me that he stumbled on eBookTrove-dot-com while researching another author.

'It is a great site, with lots of mouth-watering books by the giants of our time,' he emailed.

'I would crave your indulgence to send me any two of your most-loved Agatha Christie works in pdf format.

'The woman penned an avalanche of bestsellers, rendering the picking of them to be a Herculean task, so whatever of her full-length works you send me would be appreciated.'

He arrived on eBookTrove-dot-com while looking for some writing by Alistair MacLean who he was researching. ( There's a good biography of the author on Wikipedia.)

Ugochukwu K. Ani finds that many titles he would like are in mobi format. His ereader doesn't cope with books presented that way.

I was able to point him towards a program that will do the change-over to whatever format he prefers - or his machine needs.

PDF, Mobi, whichever

It's this link to the software that converts ebooks to your system. Regulars to eBookTrove-dot-com know that the open source programs for converting PDF ebooks to the format of their eReader - or whatever to whichever, is here. I use Calibre a lot and the latest version is on their website, here. Calibre, like the books, is open source, free. And it is dead easy to use.

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