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Enthusiastic e-book reader, Thomas Dohling, has been in touch to lament the loss of much of eBookTrove-dot-com's Agatha Christie collection.

The nutty US DCMA rule acounted for many of the books. The lawyer acting for the Christie publishing rights had emailed eBookTrove's Paul to have the books removed, or disabled so that they can't be downloaded.

Image of part of a  webpage to illustrate the article.
No Agatha ... 'It's a pity that the Agatha Christie collection had to be disabled.'

When the rule wasn't followed quickly enough, seemingly, ebooktrove's eBookTrove server suspended the website. However, perhaps realising they were acting a bit over-hastily, after all the titles weren't really likely to toppple the government, harm young minds, nor cause the infirm to be maltreated by carers, the site was quickly returned to the web.

Thomas from New Delhi emailed, 'Let me thank you for posting such interesting ebooks on It's a pity that the Agatha Christie collection had to be disabled. I have collected a whole lot of them from elsewhere where they are available in a zipped form.'

The books that Thomas wanted but the law has put beyond reach are -

  • 1. The Hound of Death and Other Stories.
  • 2. The Listerdale Mystery and Other Stories.
  • 3. The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories.
  • 4. Double Sin and Other Stories.
  • 5. Regatta Mystery and Other Stories.
  • 6. The Underdog and Other Stories.
  • 7. Best Detective Stories.
  • 8. The 13 Problems.
  • 9. Poirot's Early Cases.
  • 10. Poirot Investigates.
  • 11. The Burden.
  • 12. Complete Short Stories.
  • Why does Thomas rate the Agatha Christie stories so highly?

    'Reminds me of my childhood days - when we didn't have TV - and the radio serials and books. I was always attracted to suspense/mystery stories and western/adventure novels.

    'I was not only interested in Agatha Christie's writings but also in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Earle Stanley Gardner, Dephne du Maurier, Louis L'amour, Zane Grey, Robert Ludlum, and other modern and "ancient" writers (even Alex. Dumas - Count of Monte Cristo, etc.).

    'Then, inexplicably, I totally lost interest in books - maybe by the realisation that they were the figments of the writers' imagination - and watching TV!

    'Lately, after more than 10 years, my interest in reading books (ebooks to be more precise) and watching movies (and there are plenty on YouTube!) is revived!! I now read the books and download the movies!'

    Thomas said, 'Thanks for sharing such a large library of ebooks on All the best!

    The Agatha Christie titles banned are here

    For serious students of literature, and for law students involved in the world of DCMA, an ebook can be sent as a sort of example. Just email Paul This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the title.

    About Thomas Dohling:
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