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MacLean novels get the chop PDF Print E-mail

The Americans chop more books out of eBookTrove's extensive free library. Today, they insist - demand - that two of Alistair MacLean's stories be no longer available for our ereaders.

The novels are Athabasca and Bear Island.

Our dear politicians are determined that we all must be aware of a special relationship with they across the Pond, so I'll have to obey, of course. I should say that many of our regulars visit from across the Atlantic, so perhaps for their sake more than for any other we should confirm.

Heaven knows what would happen were they to have these forbidden titles on their ereading gadgetry.

The instruction comes - like many of the others - from Mr Eraj Siddiqui, of San Mateo, California. I've explained to him that ebooks don't deprive publishers of book sales. If we like a book, we ereaders, then we buy a copy for our bookshelves. What eBookTrove-dot-com does it to give people a chance to taste a story, to see whether it appeals.

If you would like to email Mr Siddiqui to support that view, here's his email address - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

So, very sorry, readers, but I will have to dismantle the ebooks tomorrow - perhaps take them out into my very stormy garden and burn them.

Thanks for visiting eBookTrove-dot-com

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