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Deadly! That's Miss Robb. I just can't get enough of her PDF Print E-mail

Why I love the J D Robb series? It's quite simple: this series not only gives the reader her ideas about what future techology could be like (the drying tube makes me want to live in the future) but JDR takes two very lonely, lost souls and unites them.

Another 21 MacLean titles banned! PDF Print E-mail

Grim news for Alistair MacLean fans! American DCMA sheriffs in a Christmas day message to eBookTrove-dot-com declare, 'I hereby demand that you act expeditiously to remove or disable access to (the 21 MacLean titles).'

MacLean novels get the chop PDF Print E-mail

The Americans chop more books out of eBookTrove's extensive free library. Today, they insist - demand - that two of Alistair MacLean's stories be no longer available for our ereaders.

Love bites of a scary nature PDF Print E-mail

Bloody love-bites of a vampire nature seem to be a rage with the young ... and more than just the young.

Iain Banks - the Master himself PDF Print E-mail

Utter the name Iain Banks and you know you are in for a good read. Here's a handful of his titles - all in PDF format.


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